President appoints 3 more Zinara board members 

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President appoints 3 more Zinara board members
Transport and Infrastructural Development Minister Felix Mhona (second from left) poses for a photograph with Advocate Kingston Magaya (right), Ms Angeline Matopodzi and Ms Sthengisiwe Brenda Nhiliziyo (left) after their appointment as additional board members for ZINARA in Harare yesterday.— Picture: Innocent Makawa

Freeman Razemba Crime Reporter

President Mnangagwa has appointed three more people to the Zimbabwe National Road Administration (Zinara) board to improve efficiency and services to the people under the Second Republic.

The three, comprising two women and a man, were announced yesterday by Transport and Infrastructural Development Minister Felix Mhona in Harare.

They are Ms Angeline Matopodzi an accountant, Ms Sthengisiwe Brenda Nhiliziyo a lawyer and group legal counsel at Tongaat Huellet and Advocate Kingston Magaya, a legal advisor and legal director in Government.

“Section 8 (2) of the Roads Act (Chapter 13:18) provides, inter Alia, that the Zinara Board shall consists of 12 members appointed by the minister.

“Currently, the board has eight members with five men and three women. Therefore, the board is short of four members, three of which I am appointing today (yesterday). Of the three, two are females and one is a man which brings the board to 11.

“Of the 11, six are men and five are women, meaning that there is one outstanding appointment of a woman,” Minister Mhona said.

He said what has delayed this appointment was that outstanding appointment should not only be a woman, but should be drawn from a nominee of by the association representing urban councils. Minister Mhona has written to the Urban Councils Association of Zimbabwe (UCAZ) requesting such a nominee.

He said once they get that nomination, which should be subject to internal vetting process, they will then proceed to appoint so that Zinara is fully constituted.

Minister Mhona said President Mnangagwa had approved yesterday’s appointment of the board                                                   members.

He said the board members had gone through a rigorous and meticulous vetting process as their appointment is based on merit, integrity and their knowledge and understanding of and experience in the strategic leadership of public entities such as Zinara.

“I have no doubt that with these particular appointments, the utility of legislative and policy frameworks in strengthening corporate governance practices shall be realised.

“Zinara has over the past decade transformed into a crucial business player which has caused significant impact in the economy, particularly in the key sector of transport infrastructure and development thereof.

“Zinara is a major employer, provider of crucial licensing services and procures of goods and services, which significantly contribute to the growth of the economy as indispensable enabler.”

He called upon the board members to provide proper leadership that is sustainable and inclusive.

Minister Mhona said this means that they should pursue the objectives of integrated economic, social and environmental performance, including taking into consideration the needs of stakeholders.

He said further, transparency was a top priority for them as the board when they administer public funds.

“You must not lag behind your private counterparts operating in the similarly placed environment. In fact, you must keep abreast of developments in corporate governance emerging practices which enhance transparency and accountability such as integrated sustainable reporting and formulation of simplified guidelines, which are based on openness, disclosure and multi stakeholder involvement.

“You should thrive to implement procurement policies and practices that are efficient, fair and effective and transparent to mitigate opportunities for vice and other undesirable malpractices such as corruption and rent seeking behaviours in procurement processes.”

Minister Mhona reiterated the issue of decongesting of tollgates, refurbishment and construction of toll plazas; ensuring seamless revenue collection by deploying modern, cutting edge and disruptive technologies.

On December 30 last year, Government appointed Dr George Manyaya as the Zinara board chairperson.

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