Ready, Set, Rest: How to Combine Vacation With Sports Tourism and Enjoy It

Sports hiking is becoming more popular every year. People go to new places for themselves to run a marathon, take part in a bike race, swim, and at the same time get acquainted with local attractions.

From a Lounger to Sports

Lying on the beach or by the pool, sipping cocktails, playing at a betting company, and enjoying the benefits of the “all-inclusive” system is still in demand, but the format of tourists’ vacation has already become rather worn out. The demands of travelers planning a long-awaited vacation are gradually changing because there are so many interesting things behind the hotel fence, especially if you properly plan your stay in a new place, timing it to coincide with sporting events.

Athletes who put their lives and health on winning gold medals have their own schedule of training, rest and even personal life. Any deviation from the schedule threatens a loss of form and chances for success.

In this sense, amateur sport is much freer and more enjoyable. However, even here you should keep to a certain regime and not try too hard. Although skipping a glass of wine in the evening to recover after training is not forbidden, as long as you do not tell your coach about it.

It’s easiest for a novice athlete to keep within limits and not skip a workout if he or she has set himself or herself an achievable goal. For example, to perform decently at any competition. If the choice is made, you can start training.

Triathlon, half-marathon, open-water swim or cycling – the calendar of amateur competitions includes hundreds of events. Much of the competition takes place in the summer, during the vacation season. And it’s not uncommon for keen amateurs to plan a vacation to go to a particular event.

Emotions from the adventure in a new place can be even brighter if you have overcome yourself by running your first 10 kilometers or riding a few dozen kilometers on a bicycle.

Find Friends Who Inspire You

Being the one person who, instead of having another cocktail, wants to go to bed early to go on a hike in the morning is pretty excruciating. So think about it: which of your friends is far from physical activity, and for whom it is, on the contrary, a joy? Who is relaxed about walking, and who travels only by transport? Choose those who are just like you, and interested in a new country to see, and the buttocks to pump. After all, active recreation requires like-minded people. So you can feed off each other’s energy and keep a common spirit. In addition, climbing the mountain on foot to discover another beautiful view, much more fun together than alone.

Always Opt for a Healthy Lifestyle

Hotels and airlines have long been exploiting the fashion for a healthy lifestyle. For example, most major accommodations have places to run, swim, play tennis, do yoga and ride a bike. Moreover, some of them are ready to provide the necessary equipment for training as well. So if you choose a hotel with a sports bias, you will not have to worry about forgotten sneakers.

Wake up Earlier

Of course, on vacation you don’t want to set the alarm for six in the morning and jump at the first call. But try not to fall asleep after the first awakening. The fact is that on vacation the days fly at a cosmic speed, so if you want to catch a workout or a jog, you’ll have to wake up earlier than usual. Moreover, some fitness trainers believe that people who start the morning before 6:30 are better able to control the rest of the day.

Try a couple of times to start the morning actively and eventually you will accustom yourself to waking up early and arrive at the office cheerfully (it’s definitely worth a try anyway). The main thing isn’t to torture yourself on vacation, but to do everything with pleasure.

Don’t Forget Your Balance

Doing basic exercise in the early morning allows you to spend your day enjoying yourself. After all, vacation is the time to give your soul and body all they require (even if it’s a glass of wine). Furthermore, an active lifestyle on vacation will allow you not to feel remorse over the pounds of food eaten or liters of drinks drank. The main thing is to find a balance so that none of the spheres of your life suffer. Do not try to accurately control and plan every step – give in to your feelings and leave room in your schedule for spontaneity and unpredictability. After all, it’s the unexpected turns of the journey that will remain in your memory for a long time.

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