Roadside-hero nurse enrols for midwifery course

Source: Roadside-hero nurse enrols for midwifery course | The Herald

Roadside-hero nurse enrols for midwifery course
Mr Jawadu holding the baby

Conrad Mupesa Mashonaland West Bureau

A Karoi nurse who last week saved the lives of a young woman and her baby by the roadside, has received sponsorship to study midwifery at Chinhoyi Provincial Hospital School of Nursing.

Mr Umali Jawadu (43) of Karoi General Hospital, was escorting patients to the provincial referral Chinhoyi Hospital last Wednesday when he and his alert driver, Mr Owen Kapungu, noticed a woman believed to be in her mid-20s, lying by the roadside some 10km from Karoi towards Chinhoyi.

The woman was in dire need of assistance and saving her made Jawadu an instant hero.

Mr Jawadu

Provincial nursing officer, Mr Farai Marufu said Jawadu will start lessons this May.

“He has been enrolled for the May class to study midwifery at Chinhoyi Hospital.

We will continue to support him until he finishes his course. When we look at this young man, we see a health practitioner who is exceptionally different from some of the workers that we have today.

“I receive various complaints from patients across the province about some uncaring officials and we are currently doing investigations.

“Jawadu is among a few officials that are patriotic enough and this is the thrust we want, workers should be patriotic enough,” he said.

Jawadu said he was happy to enrol for the course.

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