Robbers net US$100,000 and R500,000 in Bulawayo cash-in-transit robbery

BULAWAYO – Shots were fired as armed robbers targeted a cash-in-transit van on a busy street in Bulawayo on Monday morning.

Police said US$100,000 and R500,000 was stolen as at least four armed men wearing balaclavas overpowered security guards from Safeguard who were delivering cash at a Mukuru branch on Lobengula Street and 13th Avenue.

Witnesses said one of the robbers discharged his firearm to disperse people who were queuing to collect cash at the Mukuru branch.

The robbers were seen carrying cash boxes into their getaway vehicle, a silver sedan. A video also circulated online showing one of the robbers kicking a security guard to the ground, moments before the gang jumped into their vehicle and drove off.

One of the guards fired a volley of shots at the vehicle, but it was not clear if he hit his target.

Police said an investigation is underway.

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