Senate president challenges students 

Source: Senate president challenges students –Newsday Zimbabwe

SENATE president Mabel Chinomona

SENATE president Mabel Chinomona has challenged Zimbabwean and Russian students to explore research projects that seek to promote wide legislative, oversight and representational roles of Parliament as well as bust sanctions.

Chinomona said this yesterday during a visit to the People’s Friendship University of Russia.

“My request is premised on the fact that despite the crucial role played by the Legislature in every nation’s development architecture, there is not much literature to support the implementation of the Legislature’s constitutionally peremptory roles,” she said.

“I challenge and invite those who are intrigued by research to think about looking into the unique complexities that our two countries face. For instance, both nations are dealing with the difficulty of sanctions imposed to stifle economic growth and pose a danger to the very existence of our sovereign states. I do not doubt that your efforts to fill in the epistemological gaps in the body of knowledge will be aided by the fertile research environment that Zimbabwe offers.”

Chinomona called on students to support their nations to conduct research that will provide practical solutions to help bust sanctions and simultaneously propel the two countries’ economies to achieve high growth levels.

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