‘Short time’ with Sir Trill better than no show!

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Siphakeme Mnindwa, Showbiz Reporter

SOUTH African Amapiano artiste Sir Trill thrilled fans in Bulawayo when he performed at The Boundary in the early hours of yesterday. 

However, fans were left disappointed when the “Ghost” as Sir Trill is known among his legion of fans only performed for 35 minutes.

Many felt that after his initial aborted show when he failed to travel to Zimbabwe for a scheduled performance, Sir Trill would make up for his no-show and perform longer. 

Fans have been left disappointed by artistes from South Africa for performing short periods probably because of the nature of contracts signed with local organisers. 

Another South African act, Young Stunna who was in the country recently also failed to fully quench the locals’ appetite as he was not on stage for long as he left the stage with a huff after glitches of the deejaying equipment.

A reveller who attended Sir Trill’s all-black party event at The Boundary said he was disheartened that the artiste did not perform for long, despite him taking to the stage very late. 

“This is disappointing, not to mention that the guy came late. He was the main act and we didn’t have anyone as good in terms of DJs to entertain us as much so we expected more from him,” said the reveller who requested anonymity.

He said they had hoped the artiste would make up for his no-show in March this year by performing for a significant amount of time. 

Another reveller concurred saying artistes from across Limpopo, who include Young Stunna, Amaroto and Sir Trill have been disappointing. He said so bad has it been that the events have been saved by local DJs. 

Delays by organisers to bring the main act to the stage are becoming a cause for concern as they are dampening the mood of revellers. 

It has become a norm that the main act at most shows takes to the stage after 2AM. Makhadzi who was also in the city this past weekend took to the stage after 3:30AM. At that time, most will be fatigued and that was the case at Sir Trill’s show. 

As people patiently waited for him to appear, they could not help but doubt if he would make it to the event after he let them down earlier this year. 

The more he delayed, the more people recalled their sadness. 

So bad was the situation that some were witnessed outside the venue pondering if they should buy their tickets before the artiste arrived at the venue. They simply did not want to be let down twice. 

“The man is a ghost. What if we pay now and he doesn’t show up? We prefer to wait outside until we see him getting into the venue,” some were heard saying.

Sir Trill with DJ Nospa at The Boundary

 But the artiste who had a hectic journey as he landed in Victoria Falls from South Africa and was driven to Bulawayo by road was dedicated to doing right by his local fans.

 Even though he performed for a short time, he honoured the performance.

His deejay, Dj Givy Baby, famous for the song Nomathemba which features Nkosazana Daughter, Sir Trill and Soa Mattrix was the first on stage about 15 minutes before the Amapiano artiste jumped on.

He performed Mlanjeni by De Mthuda and Ntokzin featuring him and Kwiish SA.

He went on to perform popular songs like John Wick, Vula Mlomo, Yini Sdakwa, Nguwe and the recent “Inkantini” by Podcast and Chill’s MacG featuring Sir Trill, Bailey and Emjaykeys.

Sir Trill interacted with fans as Dj Givy Baby would cut the sound and let the fans sing along to the performance. He would also ask fans which songs they wanted him to perform. 

As the show was at its most enjoyable point, Sir Trill called it a day and disappointed revellers left the venue in their numbers in shock. 

 However, most felt that a few minutes of him on stage were way better than him not showing up totally.

 Before the Yini Sdakwa hit-maker took to the stage, locals had been kept entertained by Dj CP, Dj Man, hypeman Mtkay Ntwana, DJ Stokswit, Dj Victor Bravo and UK-based DJ Slamma. 

Article Source: The Chronicle

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