Sisa Senkosi moots Isintu Festival for SADC, UK countries

The Chronicle

Mthabisi Tshuma, Showbiz Reporter 

MASKANDI artiste Sisa Senkosi has mooted a cultural music festival which is set to be held in the United Kingdom and in Southern African countries that include Zimbabwe, Botswana, Eswatini, South Africa and Namibia.

Dubbed Isintu Fest, the inaugural event is set to be held in Botswana on March 24 at the Serene View Garden. Dates for other SADC countries and in UK are set to be announced soon.

In Botswana, artistes that have been unveiled include Sisa Senkosi the host, Dr Vlm, Johnny Makhale, Slizer and Charma Gal all from Botswana. South Africa will be represented by Platform 1, Izingane Amakhosi, Mangalaza Girls, Frans Ceo and Amaqaqa. On the decks, wheel spinners that will take care of business are DJ Mona Mafumo, DJ Dee Roka, DJ N Squared KR and TKR Da DJ.

The festivals will be held under Sisa Senkosi’s Isintu Trends a company that seeks to portray the embodiment of Ubuntu through music and dances that are African-inspired.

Sisa Senkosi said through the festival she seeks to promote a community feel and respect for one another in an engaging way that encourages togetherness and preservation of the spirit of Ubuntu.

“Isintu Fest aims to provide a creative and ingenious way of celebrating our culture and heritage. This year we are hoping to host the first-ever traditional music festival in the United Kingdom showcasing the rich Zimbabwean and Nguni cultures and heritage through music.

“The objective is to invite musicians from Southern Africa and Europe to showcase music and dances from our respective cultures. I feel this festival will re- hash that cherished story of the rich Southern African culture. This community project will target people from all backgrounds and ages,” she said.

Sisa Senkosi said the Isintu Fest is a family friendly event with the idea of bringing an artist from each country to represent at the United Kingdom.


Article Source: The Chronicle

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