Stranger baits minor with freezits, rapes her on two occasions. 

Source: Stranger baits minor with freezits, rapes her on two occasions. | The Herald

Stranger baits minor with freezits, rapes her on two occasions.

Jeremiah Mudonha Correspondent

In a heartrending incident, an 8-year-old, Harare girl was raped on two different occasions by a stranger, who baited her with freezits.

Harare Provincial Spokesperson Inspector Julius Chakanza confirmed the case which he said occurred in February in Ushwekunze, Waterfalls, Harare.

The matter came to light when the girl was questioned by her mother why she could not walk properly.

According to police, circumstances are that the unidentified rapist gave the victim $500 Zimbabwean dollars to buy her two freezits, after which he told her to follow him.

They walked for a distance before the man pulled the grade 3 pupil into some tall grass, forcefully made her lie down facing upwards, tied her face and mouth with cloth and raped her once without protection.

Then again, on February 27, at around 1000hrs, the unrelenting perpetrator raped her again. On this occasion, he allegedly called her as she was going to school and dragged her into a nearby deserted house where he tied her with a cloth, in the manner he did on the previous encounter, and raped her once without protection.

After the act, the man untied the cloth and released the girl to go to school but threatened to kill her if she ever disclosed the sexual abuses to anyone

Inspector Chakanza said the girl was taken to hospital for medical assistance.

The accused is still at large.

Inspector Chakanza assured the public that police was doing all it can to bring the culprit to book.

Cases of rape on juveniles remain a cause for concern in the country, with police continually urging parents to teach their children against entertaining strangers.

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