Top billing homes sprout in western suburbs

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Bongani Ndlovu, Chronicle Reporter
DRIVING through the high-density areas in Bulawayo one notices some stunning and magnificent houses that rival and even overshadow many in the low-density areas.

Trendy neighbourhoods have sprouted around the high-density areas and the homeowners seem to be living a different life from the one that is stereotyped by society.

They are well serviced having roads, drainage and sewer systems. In Pumula South, an area where Old Mutual Group unveiled 1 082 housing stands in 2018, is one such place with exquisite homes.

The stands were serviced under a public private partnership (PPP) agreement with the Bulawayo City Council. In Luveve 5 it is the same, there is a sprawling neighbourhood that is spreading with an assortment of homes.

Unlike the old homes that were built by the local authority that are all similar, most of these houses take up the character wanted by the owner.

Mr Cris Mtungwazi the Managing Director of TCI International, a property developer in Bulawayo, said people are investing more in developing their properties.

“People are investing a lot in their properties and building modern houses. Those designs are bringing value to their properties as they view them as a good investment which will give them money in the long term.

Those are increasing value of the properties where the houses are being built and it makes the area beautiful,” said Mr Mtungwazi. He said in high-density areas, the stands are small, and urged council to service medium sized stands in such areas.

“Of course, certain people are being limited by the size of the stands as they are quite small for what people actually want.

“If council could allocate more land in these areas for medium sized stands, you will certainly see a whole lot more good properties being constructed in the high-density areas,” said Mr Mtungwazi. He said it costs a minimum of about US$15 000 to complete a house in the high-density area.

“Buying a stand and completion of the house can cost from between US$15 000 to US$25 000 depending on the plan of the house.

These can be core houses, which have four rooms and then develop from there to whatever they want according to the building plan,” said Mr Mtungwazi.

Ward 27 Councillor, where some of the beautiful homes in Pumula South have been built, Alderman Siboniso Khumalo said the new homes have beautified the area.

“Because of these houses the area has become beautiful with well-built houses. This is how we wanted the city to have well serviced stands that have drainage and good roads like that we have there. This should have happened a long time ago,” said Ald Khumalo.

He said there would be more stands that will be serviced in the future. Homeowners were reluctant to speak on their properties.

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Article Source: The Chronicle

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