Top ZNA chef leaves service empty-handed 

Source: Top ZNA chef leaves service empty-handed – NewsDay Zimbabwe

A FORMER Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA) Director Ordinance, Colonel Shakeman Terrence Chizengwe, walked out of service empty-handed after he refused to go through disciplinary hearing.

Chizengwe opted to retire without terminal benefits after years of service to avoid General Court Martial.

However, facts regarding his dismissal remain unknown.

At law, he had two options, to go through prosecution or to retire without benefits.

His bosses say Chizengwe chose to retire without benefits after the former colonel filed a High Court application insisting that he had rights to pension.

But in his opposing application, Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF) commander General Philip Valerio Sibanda dismissed Chizengwe’s demands for a pension.

“Sight must not be lost of the fact that this matter is borne out of Chizengwe’s acts of misconduct … More curiously, he does not deny that he was facing credible allegations of misconduct,” Sibanda submitted.

“He does not deny that the recommendation that he be subjected to a General Court Martial trial was justified.

“He has no problem with the fact that the proceedings were held in confidence, which thus protects his integrity through non-disclosure of the facts and allegations forming charges of misconduct he was facing.”

According to Sibanda, Chizengwe was offered an extension of six months in employment if he wished to undergo a court martial.

“He declined that offer,” the army boss said. “All he is prepared to do is to have the decision of March 1, 2021 impugned and its consequences set aside for his pecuniary benefit.”

Chizengwe had told the High court that he was forced to retire under duress.

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