Transport minister names George Manyaya as new chair of ZINARA board

HARARE – Transport minister Felix Mhona on Thursday appointed George Manyaya as chairman of the board of the Zimbabwe National Roads Administration (ZINARA).

Manyaya leaves his role as deputy chairman of the Airports Company of Zimbabwe board, which role will now be taken over by Sinikiwe Gwatidzo.

Lizwe Bunu will deputise Manyaya, meaning both boards will have female deputies.

Meanwhile, Mhona has reappointed Naason Mudzara to the ZINARA board for another three years.

Speaking at a news conference in Harare, Mhona said the ZINARA board had to work urgently to refurbish and decongest toll gates and work with local authorities for effective use of the road fund which the agency manages.

Manyaya, who has headed the public relations departments of Mbada Diamonds, POTRAZ, NetOne and ZESA, said: “This role comes with a lot of responsibilities and expectations and when handling statutory funds like the road fund there is a need to manage such with high levels of propriety and probity.

“We will also look into upgrading and updating of ICT infrastructure and software solutions to increase operational efficiency to ensure speedy and flawless service to all customers. We must harness the digital economy and use emerging technologies to counter leakages.”

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