Tsvangirai family member’s defection to Zanu PF a non-event, says CCC


HARARE – Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) spokesperson Fadzayi Mahere has played down the surprise defection to Zanu PF by Morgan Tsvangirai’s brother, insisting this will not erase the rich legacy painstakingly authored by the late founding MDC leader in his two-decades of opposition politics.

Tsvangirai, who died 14 February 2018, gave the then Robert Mugabe led administration a big scare when he rose from trade unionism to launch what immediately became the strongest opposition to Zanu PF since independence.

The brave politician did not relent from his cutting-edge opposition politics in the face of fierce retribution by the state.

However, on the eve of the fifth anniversary of his death, his sibling Collins Tsvangirai, announced he was joining Zanu PF.

Collins’s decision to find companionship among his late kin’s former tormentors opened debate on whether the former premier’s legacy could be eroded by his brother’s affiliation to the enemy.

Mahere described the defection as a non-event that will not lower the late opposition chief’s tall standing as the face of the country’s post-independence fight for democracy.

“Zimbabweans are more resolute than ever to continue the fight to win the nation for change and democracy,” Mahere said.

“The so-called defections are a total non-event.

“Morgan Tsvangirai’s legacy is safe and will be carried forward by Zimbabweans who are sincere about building a Zimbabwe that puts the citizens back at the center and assures dignity, prosperity and freedom for all.”

There are sentiments that by welcoming and celebrating a family member+ joining its ranks, Zanu PF was hoping to profit from any remnants of Tsvangirai’s support base, unhappy about a party split into two bitter opponents.

Mahere insisted there should be no political party or individual that should claim monopoly over the late opposition firebrand.

“No person or political party can have a monopoly over the legacy of Morgan Tsvangirai,” she said.

“Because it’s a legacy based on values including constitutionalism, solidarity with the plight of the suffering masses and not allowing Zanu PF to create a one-party state.

“Any Zimbabwean or friend of Zimbabwe who is taking these values forward is preserving the legacy of our icon.”

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