Violence flares in Nkayi 

Source: Violence flares in Nkayi – The Standard


ZANU PF activists in Nkayi South, Matabeleland North have been accused of torching a field belonging to an aspiring ward 14 Mthwakazi Republic Party (MRP) candidate Prince Moyo ahead of pending by-elections.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa last week said he will announce the by-election dates in early January.

Zanu PF and opposition parties have already kick-started their election campaigns, with MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa coming under attack in rural areas he has visited to drum up support.

According to the MRP, suspected Zanu PF activists had been threatening to burn homes belonging to opposition supporters before the latest incident where a traditional fence belonging to a party was burnt down.

“Nkayi South that has converted to MRP is sending some scary waves on Zanu PF stalwarts in the District. Zanu-PF thugs last week burnt traditional fencing (uThango) of one of our members Moyo,” claimed MRP.

The MRP accused Zanu PF Nkayi South MP Stars Mathe of sending party activists to intimidate their supporters.

“We cannot have a party that seems to enjoy impunity when they are busy using their political muscles to bulldoze everyone. We don’t care what they think about this but Zanu PF cannot be allowed to do as they please and not be challenged,” said MRP.

But Mathe told Southern Eye on Sunday that Zanu PF has no policy of violence against the opposition.

“Zanu PF has no policy of burning people’s homes and I don’t even know the person whose field was burnt. I do not know MRP in my constituency, I only know two of their members whom I have met and we have never clashed,” Mathe said.

“President Emmerson Mnangagwa has spoken clearly against violence. Those who commit violence must be charged as individuals because it is not party policy to be violent.”

Observers have warned of a violent 2023 election.

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