What a wow!…Bulawayo ladies rock Great Gatsby

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Yoliswa Dube-Moyo
Social media could possibly be one of the greatest inventions of our time otherwise I wouldn’t have known about the Great Gatsby!

I must say this was one of the most opulent events I’ve seen being hosted in Bulawayo in a long time. It really makes you smile seeing people going out of their way to honour a theme and looking glamorous while at it.

When I first saw pictures of the event on Facebook, it was from one friend who had attended the Great Gatsby.

Before long, another friend and another posted pictures and Facebook stories of themselves at this glitzy do.

They really had my attention and some of the things I thought of were; what was the occasion, who was hosting it; what was happening at the event and wow, these women look absolutely stunning!

It’s really nice to see such good vibes in the midst of the negativity we all have to deal with every now and then.

What was most striking was the way those who attended the event honoured the host and stuck to the dress theme.

I can never emphasise this enough. If you’re given a dress theme, honour it. It shows that you value and respect your host as well as their event. You really don’t want to spoil the pictures — memories that will last decades — in your skinny jeans and Mickey Mouse T-shirt when everyone else is looking elegant.

You can save that outfit for a day out at the yacht club or a tshisanyama somewehere.

This Great Gatsby was all about glamorous dresses with sequins or beads paired with feather boas, pearls, masquerade masks, diamond-dripped headbands, tiaras, and gold bangles put the finishing touches on a fancy Great Gatsby outfit.

Getting dressed up is a big part of the fun of a Great Gatsby party. The dress code at these events is all about the 1920s flapper. Flapper dresses are straight, sleeveless, loose, and usually knee to ankle length.

The Nesbitt Castle was a perfect venue choice for this Great Gatsby because of its 20s sensibility.

During this era, art decor design was at the forefront with exotic materials, vibrant hues, and geometric patterns. Elegance and opulence were the name of the game with decor ranging from paintings with Egyptian motifs to ebony table tops.

That said, rich jewel tones, modern contours, and materials like leather and feathers are all at home with the decade’s aesthetic.

But this event wasn’t just about the glitz and glam. The brains behind the event, Brilliantine Bangamuseve said it was about bringing women from the city excelling in their various fields together.

“I wanted to bring these ladies together so that we can build each other up and talk about how as women, we can support each other for our businesses to grow. I wanted the event to be different, that’s why I came up with the Great Gatsby theme,” said Bangamuseve.

She said some of the important conversations at the event were around grooming and etiquette, which is important for every woman to master.

“You can have lots of money, but if you’re not well-groomed and well-mannered, it becomes pointless. It was a great opportunity to network and those who didn’t know each other got to mingle and have some fun.

I hope to host something similar next year and make it even bigger and better, invite more people and create a platform for women to share ideas,” said Bangamuseve.

Some of the prominent women who attended the event were cake business owner Cathy Mwanza of Cake Fairy, former Miss Zimbabwe and grooming coach Samantha Tshuma as well as speaking coach Nomalanga Ndlovu. – @Yolisswa.

Article Source: The Chronicle

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