Zambezi to Limpopo: Peace, Amity are MUSTS

The Chronicle

Stephen Mpofu, Perspective
SHOULD uninverted Zimbabwean patriots — people for whom the revolution that brought back home a country stolen by those without knees — lower their guard, the run-up to harmonised elections next year might be far from harmonious, thereby giving the devil the leeway to deploy his adherence and in the process reinforce the diabolic economic embargo against the ruling Zanu-PF Government for a regime change through the general elections.

As things stand right now, opposition political parties gunning for the Government’s blood are apparently being mobilised and vice versa by sworn external enemies of the Government who appear to be driven by an unflinching determination to even use businesses through exchange rates to turn the masses against their Government and in that way pave the way for neo-colonialism under stoogies of Western imperialism.

Just days ago, the Voice of America radio — a mouthpiece of the United States Government which together with the British government have not renounced the illegal economic sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe after 15 European Union countries said recently that it would now be back to business for them with our country — gave airspace to members of opposition political parties in the diaspora to vent their wrath on the Zanu-PF Government.


Dr Gwinyai Muzorewa, for instance, spoke with evident bragging about what he said was an imminent entry into power by his United African National Congress party, saying that he had travelled to Zimbabwe (apparently from North America) carrying over 30 000 United States dollars (USD) to buy land but without success before returning to his base.

No specific details were given, as to whether the man wanted farming land or land on which to build a home or houses.

Dr Muzorewa said that Zimbabweans were leaving the country for South Africa in large numbers in search of better lives because the Government did nothing for them back in their native country.

Ironically, however, he omitted to explain the reason behind Zimbabweans seeking jobs elsewhere: the illegal Western economic sanctions which have stagnated economic growth at home.

(It must also be remembered that people from this country as well as nationals from other African states did flock to South Africa even during the Apartheid rule to work in mines there as natives of that country shunned underground work just as some of them continue to this day to loathe difficult tasks and so giving employers there no option but to hire foreign labour.)

A spokesperson for the Citizens’ Coalition for Change (CCC) claimed that the Zimbabwe Republic Police had made it difficult for the party’s candidates to carry out their campaign work prior to March’s by-elections.

But surely if that claim is correct would the CCC have garnered 19 seats to the ruling party’s nine seats?

A North American spokesperson for Zanu-PF referred in the VOA panel discussion to violence perpetrated against Zimbabwean immigrant workers and in which one Elvis Nyathi was recently beaten to death and his body burnt by vigilantes demanding a bribe for his being in that country without a permit urged South Africans to embrace and practise pan-Africanism instead of harassing foreigners from other parts of Africa in that country to help grow its economy.

The Zimbabwean Government has called on our people in the diaspora to use their earnings abroad in setting up rural industries, for instance, among other investments back home to help recover and further develop an economy seriously bruised by the illegal sanctions, complemented, or complementing foreign investors now eager more than ever before to partner the Government’s ambitious economic initiatives through investment, thanks to the Government’s engagement and re-engagement exercise.

What Zimbabweans must do is to resist any derailment in our political, social and economic programmes by the propaganda of foreign countries to which they subject themselves because THE SOLUTION, Our Creator looks on and waits for requests by His unmitigated faithfuls and He will deploy His operating great grace and this great country anchored between two great rivers will confound her sworn enemies with immeasurable successes now and in the future.

Article Source: The Chronicle

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