Zanu PF elections results expected today 

Source: Zanu PF elections results expected today | The Herald

Zanu PF elections results expected today

Joseph Madzimure Senior Reporter
ZANU PF provincial election results are expected to start trickling in at the National Command Centre in Harare this afternoon, party National Political Commissar Dr Mike Bimha has said.

In most areas, polling continued smoothly and without incidents up to the closing time at 5 pm, yesterday.

The polling took place at multiple centres in each district to allow all party members eligible to vote to do so close to their areas.

In some areas of Masvingo and Midlands, voting is being conducted today after polling officers failed to access the places on time with incessant rains causing delays

Dr Bimha confirmed the development this afternoon saying vote counting has started earnestly in some provinces, while some provinces such as Masvingo and Midlands are still voting.

The counting of votes started yesterday after 5 pm. The process is that the votes are counted at the polling stations, then displayed at the polling station after some party officials sign off to authenticate the results. They are then sent to the District Coordinating Centres (DCC) in those various provinces for verification purposes. The centres, after verifying the results, will send them to the provincial command centres, which also verify those results before submitting them to the National Command Centre at the party headquarters in Harare.

“We do not have any results as of now, we expect them this afternoon. Results will start trickling in, this afternoon. Yes, we are seeing results on social media. The results are not official. We will only accept results that come through the provincial command centres. Only then we can confirm the results as authentic,” said Dr Bimha.

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