ZERA Reviews Fuel Prices: February 2022

Source: ZERA Reviews Fuel Prices: February 2022 – Pindula News

The Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority (ZERA) has announced the fuel prices for February 2022. The Authority marginally increased prices of both diesel and petrol. Pindula News presents a statement issued by ZERA:


Please be advised that the prescribed prices for diesel and blend for February 2022 are as follows:

Diesel 50 (ZWL/litre) Blend – E0 (ZWL/litre) Diesel 50 (US$/litre) Blend E0 (US$/litre)
Maximum prices 168.17 167.91 1.44 1.44

The public and operators are advised that the blending ratio still remains at E0. Operators may sell the petroleum products below the prescribed prices depending on their trading advantages and should display prices in a prominent place as provided by the fuel pricing regulations.

Stakeholders are advised that the petroleum price releases by ZERA can be verified on the official ZERA website, Facebook or Twitter handle.

The price of Diesel 50 increases from ZWL$149.55 per litre in January to ZWL$168.17per litre. In United States dollars, the price rose from US$1.38 per litre to US$1.44.

Meanwhile, the price of Blend – E0 rose from ZWL$152.87 per litre to ZWL$167.91. In United States Dollars, the price rose from US$1.41 to US$1.44.

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