Zimura elective AGM held legally: Zimura management

The Chronicle

Mthabisi Tshuma, Showbiz Reporter

THE Zimbabwe Music Rights Associations (Zimura) management has dismissed claims by one of its members Fred Farai Nyakudanga that the recently held elective AGM was held illegally.

Zimura held its elective AGM last Monday in Harare and Nyakudanga was one of the contestants.

Out of 167 votes cast, Nyakudanga received four votes.

He has publicly declared that the elections were held illegally as they did not tally with what the constitution says, as he argued that a quorum was not reached.

Chronicle Showbiz is in possession of the 2019 Zimura elective AGM minutes where proposed changes to the Memorandum and Articles of Association were all accepted with no objections.

In an interview, Zimura executive director Polisile said it is shocking that Nyakudanga is raising such issues after having lost the election.

“The person who has brought about that rumour is failing to read the constitution. The same constitution he is quoting from says “if there is no quorum after an hour at the AGM, the members present would deliver whether they want to go ahead with the meeting or they want to postpone the meeting”.

“There is also another clause that says after 30 minutes, if there is still no quorum, the members present would constitute a quorum which means once they constitute a quorum, therefore the meeting is constituted properly. Besides that, the clause he is referring to was amended at the 2019 AGM and minutes at the AGM indicated that the new quorum is 100,” said Ncube-Chimhini.

“He participated in the elections so is he saying he was participating in illegal elections. Had he won, was he going to be saying what he is saying now? If one participated in an illegal process if the process was even illegal, how can he come later when he has lost when he had already bound himself to the process and is one of the members who agreed and counted to the quorum that was there?” quizzed Ncube Chimhini? – @mthabisi_mthire

Article Source: The Chronicle

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