Nine-year-old Zungu junior drops his first single

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Nine-year-old gospel singer Ndumiso Zungu is dynamite in a small package.

Zungu, the son of popular gospel singer Thinah Zungu, has been entertaining the public and church congregants for the past four years. The young lad finally released a single titled Akasoze Akulahle last week. The song is a duet between him and his father who is also a pastor.

According to his father who is also his music composer,  Ndumiso has been singing at Sunday school since he was five. Zungu senior said he realised that his son was ready for the big stage when he performed at University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN) Exam Prayer Session last year on his behalf and left people asking for more. The young singer, who was accompanied by his father’s pianist, performed his father’s full set of six songs.Initially, the father wanted to release his first single when the boy turned 10 but realised it would be an injustice to him to do so. In the video, which has been trending on Facebook with Ndumiso belting a tune, the  boy sings with a mature voice and pitch.

“He started singing at the age of five but his voice has really matured. I realised that he was ready when he sang at our church alone singing to a big audience. I could see that he can handle performing in front of people. But he has been performing all my songs and he knows all my music. I thought let me release him now. I then started working on his music which is now out.”

About the new single, Zungu senior said: “The response has been good. People welcomed him. Organisers were sceptical when I sent him to perform on my behalf at UKZN after I had I missed my flight from a performance in Joburg. I did not want to cancel the show or come up with excuses, so I sent him to perform. The audience was happy with his performance. When I have shows, I normally take him with me.”

Zungu who also started singing at Sunday school, believes that his son has more talent than him.

“He is way more advanced than me. His voice is more than what we expected, especially at his age. He is on the right path. At his age, my focus was not on music as much as I was when I was singing at Sunday school. I was more focused on playing soccer. He is focused and I can see that he is musically talented. As a father I am proud of him.”

Ndumiso is doing grade 4 in Durban where he is now learning to play his favourite instrument – drums. He is planning to release another single before the year ends.

Article Source: The Chronicle

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