Orphaned twin infants succumb to pneumonia. . . 17-year-old mum died last month

The Chronicle

Tafadzwa Chibukwa, Chronicle Reporter
Twins who were orphaned after their 17-year-old mother passed in November, have died.
The twins were born two weeks before their mother’s death.

Kayler and Kelly had been left under the care of their grandmother in Makokoba after Confidence Msimanga, who was impregnated by an unknown man, died after complaining of difficulties in breathing weeks after giving birth.

They succumbed to pneumonia – one died on Wednesday and the other on Friday last week.
When a Chronicle news crew arrived at the home, Precious Msimanga, the grandmother to the twins, was in the company of her aunt and other relatives who had come to console her.

Msimanga said she was deeply wounded by the death of the twins.

“This tragic event has hurt me a lot, I feel so dejected because just a few weeks back, I lost my daughter.
“As if it was not enough, her children have departed from this world again, which means I have lost yet more people who were dear to me. What is more hurtful is that all their passing is inexplicable, the same way their mother passed on is how the twins also passed on.

“We were never prepared for what has befallen us and at this point we were left deserted. If it was a case of sickness where the twins had fallen ill we would have understood but in this case, we are shocked as to what could have caused their death.

“It is unbelievable because they did not fall sick or show any signs of sickness, they just woke up crying and we took them to Mpilo Central Hospital only to be informed that they have passed on,” she said.

Mpilo Central Hospital

A relative, Agnes Msimanga, said she was still trying to understand what happened. She said the death of the twins came while the family was still trying to recover from the passing of their mother.

“Just about a month ago we were gathered here as a family, mourning the passing of our daughter Confidence, we still are grieving and it is hard to accept that we have gathered again to mourn the passing of her children,” said Agnes. [email protected]

Article Source: The Chronicle

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