Self-styled mental health ambassador in mesmerising CRAFT display

HARARE – Budding Hip Hop artist Roswell Madondo stole the show at the Creative Reproductive Health Arts Festival (CRAFT) with a captivating performance while addressing mental health issues.

The SAYWHAT arts festival exploded into life at the Harare Gardens Saturday with 36 aspiring artists from all 10 provinces in the country showcasing their talent in music, poetry, public speaking, and drama.

Madondo, a 17-year-old Gweru youth, took to the stage, limping and bandaged, in a creative illustration of how men are also vulnerable to physical, mental, and psychological abuse.

Some hundreds of fans who witnessed the arts extravaganza were ecstatic when Madondo displayed sublime stage command coupled with some mesmerizing rhymes and punch lines.

In an interview soon after his performance, the young performer said he wanted to us his art to conscientise society to prioritise addressing men dealing with abuse and mental health related challenges.

“The spike in cases  of men committing suicide as a result of mental health related issues has motivated me to conscientise society to prioritise mental health issues.

“Honestly, I feel the pain whenever I hear news that a certain man has committed suicide as result of depression and mental health issues that society is not prioritising.

“I am not seeking fame with the music I am doing, but I want people to get my message to have a holistic solution to addressing current mental issues in country,” he said.

Madondo said he hoped his music would remain relevant for decades and generations to come because of the content he imparted through his craft.

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