To the anti-adversities tribe

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Stephen Mpofu                                                 

YES (yes, you) you guessed right: this message is directed at journalists who must of necessity remain united to discharge their professional responsibilities to our nation because divided they will fall, opening the door to neo-colonialists to rear up their ugly heads back in our liberated motherland.

Recent reports about a female journalist being denied entry to cover a meeting of an opposition political party should impel scribes in our motherland to unite and black-out adversarial activities by individuals or organisations as such activities are meant to disunite, rather than unite every Zimbabwean regardless of their political persuasions, to stand together and run with the revolution that retrieved our beloved country from racist colonial rulers so that Zimbabwe zooms into every dawn that breaks into a brave new future of economic and social development for everyone without exception.


No doubt, some people might dismiss the discourse in this Saturday’s column as licking the bottom of the ruling party, or, worse still, bottoms of those serving the ruling party, Zanu-PF.

But, of course, this discourse is intended to catalyse national development in all its aspects by persuading Fifth columnists in our midst from licking the bottoms of imperialists as stooges for selfish rather than national interests, so that we may, as Zimbabweans together, lick the bottom of the collective success of unimpeded national development initiatives.

Which persuades this communicologist, born and raised in colonial Rhodesia, to exhort fellow Zimbabweans to shout shrill kudos to our indefatigable ED — God’s sure design to lead His people at this particular difficult period in our history and from whom the gallows of those without knees shied away — so that he could charm the world as he has recently done with potential investors from the United States — which together with its

Western allies imposed satanic economic sanctions, on the Government led by President Emmerson Mnangagwa to try to remove it from power as punishment for introducing land reform — and others elsewhere have applauded the President’s development initiatives and are making investment beelines to our beloved country.

This is because at no period in the history of this country since its creation, has there been such all-embracing development projects as we see today under the auspices of the Zanu-PF Government in spite of the Covid-19 pandemic and global warming that have been so restrictive to national development initiatives.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa

(To validate the truth immediately above, one may compare the numerous political, economic and social developmental projects initiated under devolution in virtually all of Zimbabwe’s 10 provinces with the neglect that the countryside — periphery or backyard of white Rhodesian rulers’ urban settlements where the majority of Zimbabweans still live toady – suffered in colonial Rhodesia.)

But, of course, a united and not fragmented people are viewed abroad as guaranteeing investors money sunk in our country.

Which therefore impels all of us Zimbabweans to put our shoulders to the developmental wheels together for the betterment of the lives of everyone, regardless of colour, creed or political persuasion.

That way, with the church not being left behind in the development processes, God’s great operating grace cannot fail to be Zimbabwe’s portion.
The popular saying that “a country is built (developed) by its own people” is a poignant reminder to all Zimbabweans that no alien from out of space — but that we, ourselves — are responsible for developing, call it building our native country.

Article Source: The Chronicle

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