9-year-old girl delivers baby boy, becomes Zimbabwe’s youngest mum ever

BULAWAYO – A nine-year-old Tsholotsho minor on Monday became the country’s youngest mom ever after successfully delivering a baby boy through a Caesarian Operation.

The girl, who is a victim of rape, delivered a baby boy at United Bulawayo Hospitals (UBH) on Monday morning.

Dr. Narcisius Dzvanga, acting CEO of UBH, confirmed the news but declined to comment on the minor and her new born baby’s health.

“The matrons confirmed that the nine-year-old successfully gave birth to a baby boy through a Caesarian Operation.

“I am currently not at liberty to comment on the state of the nine-year-old’s health and the newborn baby,” said Dzvanga.

The child’s birth will serve as the basis for a paternity test to identify the rape perpetrator.

The minor’s father is currently being held in police custody as the prime suspect of the shock abuse as he was the only male relative living with the girl.

The girl, narrating her rape ordeal, recently told her foster mother that the sexual abuse occurred only at night, after the lights had been turned off.

Prior to the acts of sexual abuse, her father reportedly told her that a “goblin” would come and insert something into her private parts.

After the abuse, her father would tell her that the goblin had left through the window, which perplexed her because she remembered her mother closing the window before the lights went out.

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