ChiTown stand dispute spills into court

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Chitungwiza Magistrates Court


CHITUNGWIZA magistrate Brighton Danana has granted a peace order in favour of Fungai Dhori in a land dispute between the Dhori family in Murisa Phase 2, Manyame Rural District Council (RDC) and residents of the now urbanised Kuora village.

Dhori and his wife Shelter have since September 2021 clashed with the late Kuora village head Martin Kuora’s son, Kenneth over stand number 1065A allocated to the former by Manyame RDC.

Shelter alleged that Kenneth hired bouncers to intimidate and block them from occupying the stand.

As a result, her husband dragged Kenneth and other Kuora family members to Chitungwiza Magistrates Court on December 7 accusing them of intimidating and threatening him with unspecified action.

Danana granted the peace order and ordered the respondents not to visit the applicant’s residence.

In his founding affidavit, Dhori said: “On October 11, a young man whose particulars I am not familiar with threatened my builders with unspecified action. He ran away and was later apprehended after my wife screamed to attract neighbours’ attention.

“After interrogation, he confessed that he been sent by respondents to cause havoc and deliver threats.

“The respondents then came by themselves and told my builders that they were not allowed to build on the property and if they resisted, respondents would do anything to make them stop, including harming them.

“With the help of unknown people the respondents also erected a two-roomed cottage at my stand and threatened me, my wife and builders or anyone who would try to temper with the structure.”

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