Delta launches Pledge-18 campaign

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Flora Fadzai Sibanda, Chronicle Reporter

BEVERAGES giant, Delta Corporation is pioneering a ‘no to underage drinking,’ Pledge-18 campaign to discourage people under the age of 18 from drinking alcohol.

Delta Beverages

The campaign comes at a time when a lot of young people are battling drug and alcohol abuse.
Delta Beverages general manager, corporate affairs, Dr Patricia Murambinda said Delta takes seriously its responsibility to help reduce and prevent the harmful use of alcohol throughout the country.

She said they launched the Smart Drinking Goals campaign and it has a number of programs that it focuses on like shifting social norms, consumer behavior and their own business practices in order to show people that they should drink responsibly.

She said on this particular campaign of Pledge 18 they are acknowledging that people below the age of 18 should not consume alcohol.

“Delta is currently working with and supporting some local programs, campaigns and public policies to prevent, reduce and discourage underage drinking,” said Dr Murambinda.

She said as Delta they believe there is more work that needs to be done and they do not have all the answers on how best this can be done.

“The campaign will be extended to secondary school’s events so that we can include the children. We are working with partners like ZIMPACT and ZABMA to get the message across different stakeholders,” added Dr Murambinda.

Renowned psychiatrist and Ingutsheni Central Hospital clinical director, Dr Wellington Ranga said most young people who are admitted at the hospital with mental challenges are there because of abuse of alcohol.

Dr Wellington Ranga

He said it is quite remarkable to see such a big company that manufactures alcohol fighting the underage drinking of alcohol.

“Delta Beverages should not end on advertising and talking about these campaigns because young people are very experimental; so they will not stop drinking just because they have been advised to do so. Hopefully the campaign will help and they act instead of just saying,” said Dr Ranga. — @flora_sibanda

Article Source: The Chronicle

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