ED defends satellite project 

Source: ED defends satellite project –Newsday Zimbabwe

President Emmerson Mnangagwa

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa has said the recently launched Zimbabwe Satellite (ZimSat-1) project is meant to help the country overcome its economic challenges.

This comes amid criticism that the country is prioritising space projects when the health sector is in shambles.

But Mnangagwa, writing in his column in a weekly State-controlled paper, said the project would assist in health, agriculture and disaster mitigation.

 “Many thought this was rank madness by some starry-eyed dreamers, was something well beyond our reach given the myriad challenges we grappled with at the time,” Mnangagwa wrote.

“Our infrastructure was broken, our economy was in a state of collapse and we endured long hours of power outages. Yet there we were, dreaming about participating in the space economy.

“ZimSat-1 allows us to see our country from outer space. We are also able to make key interventions in national health, including foreseeing pandemics in time for timeous responses.”

He said the country was going to launch more satellites for industrialisation and modernisation purposes.

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