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Gibson Mhaka recently in Gokwe 

DEEP down in Nenyunka area in Gokwe North district under Chief Nenyunka, some 90km north-west of Gokwe town, President Mnangagwa undoubtedly left an indelible mark in the hearts of the people from this area which borders Binga in Matabeleland North province.

It all started on November 11 last year when President Mnangagwa visited the area launching the cotton Pfumvudza/Intwasa programme at Chief Nenyunka’s homestead in Ward 29.

On that day, the President declared that the Second Republic is committed to developing the area which for years has been lagging behind in terms of development.

A solar powered borehole at Chief Nenyunka’s residence in Gokwe

He then mandated Gokwe North Rural District Council (GNRDC) to use part of its devolution funds to construct a standard primary school in the area.

 “We are here today just to show you that not a single person, community, district or Chief will be left behind in national development matters. I heard that Chief Nenyunka doubted that I would make it today because in history, he has never hosted such a huge event. 

“Let me tell you that you will never be left behind when it comes to issues of national development. Roads and schools will be constructed because it is our goal to tar roads,” he said.

“I am grateful to Chief Nenyunka who allowed people to congregate. Zimbabwe is 41 years old and this side of the country has been left behind that is why we are here today to tell you that you will no longer be left behind again.” 

President Mnangagwa pledged to transform Nenyunka Primary School which had relocated from its old site in 2018 into a well-equipped learning environment that will benefit children in the community. The President also pledged to ensure that a solar-powered borehole is drilled at Chief Nenyunka’s homestead for both horticultural production and primary water supplies for schools and households.

He was however, clear that the Government cannot do this alone and implored the local community and private players to make the ambitious projects a reality.

A Chronicle news crew last week visited the area to witness the progress that has been made after President Mnangagwa’s visit.

The site is now completely different.

 Construction of classroom blocks and 12 houses which will accommodate 24 teachers at the school has begun in earnest with six of them now at an advanced stage of completion.

An administration block which the President left when it was at window level has been completed. The teachers’ cottages are perfect size for almost any family as they have a lounge, three bedrooms, bathroom and toilet.

True to his promise, a solar-powered borehole was drilled at Chief Nenyunka’s homestead.

ED’s Vision Fullfilled at Nenyuka Pry School in Gokwe.

The massive improvements in the area are in line with the Second Republic’s thrust that leaves no one and no place behind in national development.

In an interview Nenyunka Primary School deputy head Miss Talent Zhuwawu (37) hailed President Mnangagwa and the Second Republic for prioritising development at the school.

 “We are grateful to the Government. We used to have accommodation problems but the visit by President Mnangagwa in November last year when he came to launch the cotton Pfumvudza/Intwasa programme at Chief Nenyunka’s homestead has seen the school being transformed,” she said. 

“When President Mnangagwa asked us the challenges we were facing at the school we told him that teachers didn’t have accommodation. We also told him that we need more blocks to accommodate our children since the school has an enrolment of 871. 

“In response the President said Government will construct 12 houses which will accommodate 24 teachers at the school. Right now six teachers’ cottages are at an advanced stage of completion.

“If material continues to come timeously and with the pace with which they are moving we are assured that the building of the cottages will be completed by early next year.” 

In yet another boost to job creation, 90 villagers have been employed since the construction project started.

A teacher at the school Mr Esau Siampungu said the visit by the President in November has seen the school being transformed. 

ED’s Vision Fullfilled at Nenyuka Pry School in Gokwe

“If President Mnangagwa toured the school he would be satisfied with the progress made so far. The progress is a testimony that the President is leaving no stone unturned to ensure that all people in all parts of the country enjoy a better quality of life and education,” said Mr Siampungu.

Villagers are moulding bricks and collecting gravel and sand for the project.

Cde Spencer Tshuma who was recently elected Gokwe-Kabuyuni MP hailed President Mnangagwa for the policy on devolution which is one of the major anchors which encompasses inclusive development in the country. 

 “This shows that the President is a man of action; he walks the talk; he just doesn’t talk about things he is not going to fulfill. The progress being made at the school is in line with President Mnangagwa’s promise that no part of Zimbabwe will be left behind in the country’s developmental trajectory as we work towards the attainment of Vision 2030,” said Cde Tshuma.

“Gokwe North was one of the constituencies which has been lagging behind in terms of development but with the coming of the Second Republic we are seeing massive development in the constituency. The developments are in line with the Second Republic’s thrust to improve quality inclusive and equitable development to ensure that no one and no place is left behind. Very soon people will not be looking down upon the constituency as they currently do.” 

Gokwe North Assistant District Development Coordinator, Mr Stewart Gwatirinda also commended the Government for the devolution funds which he said have been empowering the ordinary people through the provision of education, water and sanitation.

“We want to thank the Government of Zimbabwe for the tremendous work that it is doing in terms of development. We have received quite a good figure in devolution funds and we have concentrated much of our efforts in two of the 14 priorities enshrined in the NDS1 and these are basically education as well as the provision of water and sanitation.

“So as a district we have constructed schools which include Nyamazengwe, Mutora and Gumunyu primary schools as well as Nenyunka. Nenyunka Primary School was constructed as one of the standard schools after the President visited the area to launch the cotton Pfumvudza/Intwasa programme in November last year.

“So this is when the President asked the devolution funds to be flowed in to construct a standard school in Nenyunka. Nenyunka Primary School is one of the standard schools in the country as we speak,” said Mr Gwatirinda.

Article Source: The Chronicle

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