Ideology: The guiding star for youth

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Stephen Mpofu, Perspective
If in biblical times wise men from the east were guided by a star to the source of eternal salvation, Jesus Christ at his birth in Bethlehem, there is no justification whatsoever in postmodernity for born frees in Zimbabwe to not be guided by the star ideological orientation for a permanent sustenance of the freedom and independence wrested by the gallant sons and daughters of the soil through the barrel of the gun from racist colonial oppression.

Cde Moses Langa

This week Matabeleland South’s Zanu-PF Youth League chairman, Moses Langa called for the party’s youth to undergo orientation at the Herbert Chitepo School of Ideology, saying that the orientation provided by that college was of great importance in fostering understanding among youths of the history of this country and of the party now in power to ensure that the young people “are on the same page with the whole executive”.

He added that respect for the party’s leadership would make youths “safeguard the fight for our freedom”.

There are no physical structures at present going by the name Chitepo School of Ideology, but lecturers are dispatched from the party’s headquarters in Harare and under the department of Dr Obert Mpofu the Secretary for Administration, to various institutions in the country to give talks on ideological orientation, according to Dr Mpofu three days ago.

He said that land had already been allocated somewhere in Harare for the construction of an ideological orientation institution which would also serve as a precursor to the introduction of national youth service in the country.

Dr Mpofu noted that ideological orientation for youths was needed in all regions of Zimbabwe noting, in particular, that youths from Matabeleland South crossed the border in search of greener pastures in South Africa while those from this and other parts of Zimbabwe went to Mozambique also in search of a better future when all the youths in this country had an important role to play in national development.

(The Government has stated, in particular that the youth have an important role to play in the agricultural industry to produce food for consumption and for export to earn the much-needed foreign currency and as also a way of their self-sustenance instead of drifting to urban centres drawn by invisible magnets, only for some of them to remain jobless or engage in criminal activity to try to make ends meet or jumping the borders to neighbouring states in the south and the east where they end up in virtual slave labour there.)

Dr Mpofu said that ideological orientation provided by the party educates the youths that the freedom in Zimbabwe everyone enjoys today did not come on a platter and so young people with the right ideological inculcation will not allow imperialist stooges hell bent on getting into power by hook or crook to pull the carpet from underneath those in power as long as the latter remain as unmitigated patriots some of whom fore went luxurious lives in colonial Rhodesia to give those without knees short shrift in order to herald freedom and equal opportunities for all Zimbabweans.

It is for instance known that tribalism and regionalism are some of the political evils used by inverted patriots for political self-ingratiation, while dividing people in the process.

But youths with the proper ideological orientation will work tirelessly for unity, peace and stability in every part of the country for the sustenance of one Zimbabwe, one nation, thereby sealing any loophole through which eternal enemies might sneak into our country with their damnation agendas.

Therefore, the onus lies on the shoulders of todays and tomorrows youth to propel the political, economic and social welfare of our nation into a brave new future for all.

For that reason, this writer believes that the onus lies on every patriotic leader in every region to ensure that the young men and women in our contemporary times remain indefatigable defenders of the freedom and independence for which other young men and women before them laid their lives to bring about those values in point.

Article Source: The Chronicle

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