Let’s anchor the economic growth trajectory

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Stephen Mpofu, Perspective

JUST when the satanic economic Siamese twins are about to be completely vanquished, in rears up modern-day Robin Hoods terrorising the business community and sending false signals to potential investors abroad to the effect that Zimbabwe is not a safe country to sink their hard-earned money.

Yes, it is not cheap propaganda by this communicologist to suggest that both the satanic illegal Western economic sanctions against the incumbent party in power, Zanu-PF, and its Government as punishment for introducing land reform, and the equally diabolic and devil-inspired Covid-19 pandemic are on the verge of becoming annals of history, but that not a recovery of our long-beleaguered economy but its growth trajectory is rainbowing itself up so that it becomes imperative for all unmitigated Zimbabwean patriots to unite and celebrate the new economic flourish as one people regardless of divergent political persuasions in this beautiful house for the construction of which, and the permanent security of all of us, its residents, many gallant sons and daughters of the soil paid the price with their precious lives.


Our Second Republic Head of State, President Emmerson Mnangagwa, confirmed a few days ago that economic recovery is now virtually a past tense but that growth was now the in-thing and flurries of activities across the country, such as construction of dams, upgrading roads, sinking of boreholes providing better accommodation for all et cetera confirm that the dark cloud that had long engulfed our motherland, courtesy of imperialists and racists not willing to see black people enjoying peace and stability and economic growth like themselves, has virtually lifted off to give way to bright economic sunshine for our nation to boldly move into a brave new future without looking back.

But now look at what rears up its ugly head as an antidote to the projected growth in economy and with that an improvement to the social wellbeing of our people.

Worrying cases of armed robbers intercepting cash-in-transit to banks in our cities are one case in point here and something that must of necessity be brought to an end YESTERDAY.

The wide publicity in newspapers and on radio accompanying these heinous acts transcends international boundaries with the obvious impact on potential foreign investors, many of whom are making bee-lines to Zimbabwe to work with our government in developing our country and who are therefore likely to be terrified by the publicity in point to the extent that some, if not most of them, might change their minds about exposing their hard-earned cash to self-styled, modern day Robin Hoods prowling the streets for any vehicle taking cash to banks but without any consideration for the poor — as did the legendary outlaw — who stand to benefit from the invested cash if not hijacked.

But surely why do not businesses transferring large sums of cash to banks deploy armed military escorts just for the short period it takes to move money from one place to another in a city?

Surely any fee paid for the service offered must be negligent when compared with the total loss of the huge amounts of cash snatched while being moved away for safe keeping before further investment take place to grow the economy?

Secondly, the armed robbers must be working with employees of companies who must themselves be benefitting from the spoils; otherwise how else would the criminals know where, how and when cash is being transferred from one place to another?

Which also suggests that companies making and keeping large sums of money before its transfer for banking must have among their workers sleuths to monitor the conduct of fellow employees handling cash and among whom might be freelancing for robbers for a reward — to supplement their meagre pay — about the transfer of the cash from one place to in order for the criminals to waylay the vehicles containing the cash?

But above all, the legislature might wish to promulgate illegal sanctions tantamount to incarceration for life, if not capital punishment, for crimes that negate the economic growth and social welfare of our nation. 

The bank where suspected armed robbers struck between 10th Avenue and Fife Street in Bulawayo

Add to the above corruption by executives of public institutions including local authorities as well as those in private institutions as any money swindled would have been made for the total improvement of the welfare of families as well as collectively of our nation.

Above all, imperialist stooges, be they politicians eager to be hoisted into power by their masters regardless of whether the country goes to the dogs, or inverted patriots eager to only swell their bellies, must know that no foreign nation but that ONLY WE, ourselves as citizens of this country, are, in the final analysis, determinants of whether our country goes to the dogs or succeeds politically, economically and socially.

There can never exist in a single nation two or three distinct, successful destinies economically or politically but that the growth of any single country results from the collective contributions of its own people.

Any other belief is nothing but a fallacy on which  political sellouts tend to ride as their horse.

Article Source: The Chronicle

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