Madzibaba Veshanduko appeals to well-wishers for US$180

Source: Madzibaba Veshanduko appeals to well-wishers for US$180

Godfrey Chidhawu Karembera known as Madzibaba Veshandukp, appeals to well-wishers for US$180 required by Chief Chipuriro for his continued trial as plot to evict him from Mutata Village thickens

Yesterday I wrote to inform you of developments in Guruve where Godfrey Karembera, a Citizen Coalition for Change activist, had been summoned to appear before Chief Chipuriro on 8 January 2023 (see attachment) in a trial to determine whether he should be evicted from the village following a report to the Chief by the local Headman Everisto Chidembo that Karembera has to be evicted because of the growing CCC popularity in the area. Headman Chidembo is reportedly under pressure from Zanu PF officials to get Karembera evicted.
The initial hearing took place yesterday, but no the ruling was not passed yesterday.
Chief Chipuriro is now requesting Karembera to pay him US$60 for fuel to drive to Charembera’s home for the hearing, US$40 for hearing fees, and US$20 from each of Karembera’s four witnesses. Demanding fees from an accused person before a trial sounds bizarre. Chiefs are provided with vehicles by the government and are paid a generous salary and allowances and it is surprising that Chief Chipuriro would charge such an exorbitant amount to a man who is not formally employed. Chiefs are expected to protect the people, not to milk them of resources they do not have. Is demanding such exorbitant fees from an unemployed Karembera not part of corruption, my Dear President? You have talked a lot about fighting corruption without any tangible progress to show for arresting the malice.
Karembera is a brave CCC activist who was severely tortured at Harare Central Police Station after he was abducted in broad daylight in Zimbabwe’s Capital City Harare. The Police were about to take him to an unknown destination but were stopped after video recordings of his abduction went viral on social media. People who saw him being abducted took videos and shared them on various social media platforms.
Comrade President, could you please use your authority and instruct the Zanu PF officials to leave Godfrey Karembera alone? He was born and raised in Guruve, and that is the only home he has. Any attempt to evict Karembera is an abuse of his human and constitutional rights.

I have copied your ministers of social welfare and Justice so that they can intervene if it is within their powers to do so. I have also copied a couple of SADC Heads of State and Governments so that they know what is causing people to flee to their countries to seek shelter as they are humiliated

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