Varichem widens product range

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Leonard Ncube, Victoria Falls Reporter

LOCAL manufacturer, Varichem Pharmaceuticals Private Limited, has widened its product range to more than 140 lines in response to market diverse needs in the health sector.

A wholly-owned Zimbabwean firm established in 1985, Varichem manufactures and markets a wide range of quality generic pharmaceuticals and related products.

It is the only local pharmaceutical manufacturer that has partnered Government in the fight against measles and has provided more than 20 000 units of Varipan through MSF.

The giant manufacturer has also come up with alternative antiseptic products for medical personnel that had been reacting to alcohol-based medicines and sundries in the course of medical duties.

Speaking in Victoria Falls where Varichem Pharmaceuticals was among more than a dozen exhibitors on the sidelines of the recent Surgical Society of Zimbabwe and Zimbabwe Anaesthetic Association Conference, the company’s medical sales representative, Mr Phillip Mahonya, said the global Covid-19 pandemic was a blessing in disguise as it opened new avenues due to increased demand when other suppliers ran dry.

COVID-19“Covid-19 taught countries to survive from local companies and Varichem as a local company managed to close the gap that had been exposed,” he said. 

“We represent a giant that has what it takes to complement Government efforts to make health care accessible and readily available for citizens. 

“We have about 144 lines of products and recently we responded to the measles outbreak through MSF and supplied more than 20 000 units of Varipan syrup, which is being used in the outbreak when most companies are actually dry.”

Mr Mahonya said their products include medicines and sundries, which are sold at registered pharmacies and medical facilities, which reduce risks of people buying counterfeit products from the streets. 


He said Varichem has a line of products that are not available at other suppliers as its goal is to make health services available and affordable to citizens in line with Government’s drive towards universal health coverage.

The company has produced a new product “Varicide” in response to concerns by doctors that had been reacting to alcohol-based sundries and medicines. The product is also an antiseptic.

“Most doctors were having problems with a lot of rashes because of alcohol-based products in the market. We have come up with Varicide, which is a locally produced multiple use product,” said Mr Mahonya.

“We are targeting surgeons hence we decided to bring something, which is not really new but sensitive, better than other products with alcohol-based substances. We are saying if you are reacting to some alcohol-based products, here is an alternative and we are proud to bring something that is of international standard.”

He said through its diverse portfolio, Varichem has also created hundreds of jobs for citizens. — @ncubeleon 

Article Source: The Chronicle

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