Zimbabweans celebrate Christmas in style

Source: Zimbabweans celebrate Christmas in style | The Herald (Local News)

Herald Reporter

Zimbabweans from across all works of life are celebrating their Christmas day in style.

For many, the celebrations, which mark the birth of Jesus Christ, started off with prayers at the different chirches dotted around the country.

Prayers have since made way for festivities with family, relatives and friends at home and the many entertainment joints.

Two years post the Covid-19 national lock downs that restricted public gatherings, Zimbabweans are enjoying themselves through partying and braaing mostly.

Beer guzzlers could be seen merry making as early as 7am with radios on full blast in some homes and at popular leisure centres.

Well patronised areas like Zindoga in Waterfalls, KwaFatso in Glen Norah, and Mereki in Warren Park D were a hive of activity with people braaing and drinking assorted beverages.

Some were playing music from their vehicles.

However, a handful of people were observed going on with their business including at Chigovanyika in St Marys where informal traders were selling second hand clothes. Some shops selling different wears are open in the Central Business District hoping to catch Christmas day shopppers.

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