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A Bulawayo tyre services company – Chui Pack Investments has embarked on a unique programme targeting commuter omnibuses and haulage trucks to supply vehicle tyres.

Various surveys have shown that tyre bursts are usually caused by using second-hand tyres or those that don’t conform to technical standards, high temperatures, driving at high speed and stunts indulged in by reckless drivers, particularly youngsters.

Other causes include wrong air pressure, which changes the shape of tyres while moving and collision of tyres with the sidewalk or solid objects that fall from other vehicles.

Chui Pack Investments Sales representative Ropafadzo Shumba with a client Mduduzo Nyoni checking a Tyre to buy

Under-inflation, overloading and potholes have also contributed to tyre bursts.

Company sales representative, Mr Trymore Ndlovu told Business Chronicle that as trye traders, it is part of their responsibility to ensure passenger vehicle operators have easy access to reliable tyres, hence dedicating a shop for them

Therefore, having an outlet that targets commuter omnibuses might encourage the ulitilisaton of new and safe tyres.

“In several discussions with various kombi operators, they said due to time constraints, their drivers have limited time to go to outlets to purchase new tryes.

 They end up buying second-hand tyres from roadside dealers. So we saw it fit to target them. It is part of our efforts to reduce road accidents caused by tyre bursts,” said Ndlovu.

 He said that if tyres are not used frequently they age quicker rendering them road unworthy adding that  worn out tyres should not be used at all.

Article Source: The Chronicle

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