Greens district chairperson “affirms primaries victory”, as he engages vendors to register to vote

The Chronicle

Peter Matika, Online Desk

A SENIOR Zanu PF official has  said he is certain of the party’s victory in the 2023 harmonised elections, as he has actively taken a role in ensuring voter registration.

Addressing informal traders and vendors at the Bulawayo City Hall on 22 March, the party’s Bulawayo Province (Greens District/City Centre) chairman and Affirmative Action Group (AAG) head of IT and logistics for the province Cde Tendai Charuka said he had convinced half of the city’s traders to register to vote.

“All we want is for our informal sector to work. We have actively engaged those in the informal sector to register to vote and have also managed to get them officially documented. This is the President’s thrust to have every one of age, register to vote in our upcoming elections,” said Cde Charuka.

HE Urged city fathers to be cooperative in the registration process, as well as to allow vendors to operate in the city.

“This is our time to make a change for ourselves as a country. We have some rogue councillors that have worked with opposition parties to call for sanctions that have killed our formal sector, resulting in the rise of vendors. Rise up and vote, and make a change. Let us as the people of this city and country make a change. Let’s meet our leader’s expectations and meet his vision. Come 2030 we have to be a middle-class economy. And you in the informal sector are a driver of the economy,” said Cde Charuka.

Vendors accused council of ignoring their concerns.

“They allocate us places of operation outside the CBD. Who in their right mind or physical body state has the capacity or ability to go all the way downtown to buy wares? We are providing a service and we wish the council could see that we are also trying to make ends meet as well as to contribute to the country’s economy. Day after day we are engaged in fights with council cops. They take our wares and they vanish.

“What do they expect us to do? Steal for a living? We can be orderly if they are civil,” said Mr Tony Ndube, a pushcart vendor.

Article Source: The Chronicle

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