THE THREES OF MHLOPHE’S LIFE … Football, farming and business

The Chronicle

 Raymond Jaravaza, Chronicle Correspondent

A SUIT in the morning, overalls in the afternoon and meetings with football administrators in the evening, is the best way to describe a typical day for Retired Colonel Kenneth Mhlophe.

Juggling the corporate world, toiling at his farms to feed the nation and running the country’s football affairs with fellow soccer administrators, might sound like a lot to carry on one’s shoulders but it’s all in a day’s work for Mhlophe.

Running a successful business needs aggression, passion and adherence to quality standards that leave a client satisfied.

In a world of fierce corporate competition, these attributes, coupled with innovative leadership, make a difference between prosperous and failed businesses.

Rtd Col Mhlophe seems to have mastered the art of running a successful business — Nokel Security Company.

He however, still finds time to pursue his passion for farming and football administration.

Kenneth Mhlophe Farmer – Broiler project

About 20 kilometres from Bulawayo City Centre lies Montgomery plots, a peri-urban farming area under Umguza Rural District Council where one can easily come across a herd of cattle and the next minute drive past an imposing but immaculate mansion surrounded by maize fields.

It’s a Thursday afternoon, a day that other business executives would typically spend in the office or playing golf while striking business deals but Rtd Col Mhlophe has other plans. His crop should be ready for harvesting in a month and as the saying goes “it’s all hands on deck” and the farmer in him can’t stay away from his Montgomery plot for more than a day.

Farming might be his passion but just like his security company, requires time, hard work and capital.

Attention to detail is key to everything that he invests his time and money in and now his crop — 10 000 heads of cabbages almost ready for harvesting and so is his fish. This is what is keeping Rtd Col Mhlope away from the hustle and bustle of Bulawayo city life.

Article Source: The Chronicle

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