COMMENT: As we enter 2023, let’s continue with the spirit of unity

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2022 ends on a high note where, despite the adverse macroeconomic shocks in the course of the year, the Government aggressively pushed the implementation of high-impact projects towards the transformation of people’s lives.

The Government rolled out projects in all parts of the country as the Second Republic lived up to President Mnangagwa’s philosophy of “leaving no one and no place behind” in the country’s developmental trajectory. 

The Government policy has cemented unity in the country as the Second Republic has managed to raise all Zimbabweans to the same platform towards a shared prosperity. 

In Matabeleland in particular, the Second Republic continues to roll out transformative projects in different parts of the region that has over the years been regarded as “marginalised” and least developed.

Using budgetary finance from the fiscus and private sector partnerships facilitation, the new dispensation is positioning the region to be a major economic player with a higher potential in leading the country in energy generation, tourism, livestock value chain, irrigation, and off-shore finance competencies, among others.

These are anchored on the devolution agenda, which promotes inclusive development.

A closer analysis shows that major milestones were registered this year in major capital projects that include; the construction of Lake Gwayi-Shangani and its pipeline to Bulawayo, the US$1,5 billion Hwange Power Station Expansion project, which is nearing completion, completion of the first phase of the US$300 million Beitbridge Border Post, Lupane Provincial Hospital, Tuli-Manyange Dam in Gwanda, Mpilo Central Hospital doctors’ cottages, Cowdray Park Clinic, transformation of Binga District, and resuscitation of irrigation projects to boost food security, among others.

Money – Image taken from Pixabay

Addressing the last Cabinet meeting for 2022 on December 20, President Mnangagwa said all unfinished development projects should be quickly completed before embarking on new ones in 2023 as the Government continues to be results-oriented and accountable to its people.

“We should continue to be a Government that is result-oriented and accountable to the people as evidenced by the introduction of performance contracts to ministers as well as permanent secretaries,” said the President. 

“As Cabinet, we should be able to objectively measure our performance premised on the achievements that have been obtained during the course of the year. The continued emphasis on results calls for a paradigm shift on the part of all members of Cabinet.”

The year 2022 has also seen Zimbabweans from different parts of the world, collaborating with the Government in spearheading development back home in line with President Mnangagwa’s philosophy, “Ilizwe lakhiwa ngabaninilo/ Nyika inovakwa nevene vayo.”

As we enter 2023, we would like to urge Zimbabweans to continue with the spirit of unity towards developing the country as no one will come from outside and do it for us. 

The year 2023 will also see the country holding national elections, a period that has been used by the country’s detractors to destabilise the nation and reverse the gains made towards changing Zimbabwe’s fortunes.

As President Mnangagwa has reiterated on many platforms, Zimbabweans must, during this period, unite towards the best interests of the nation. 

There is no greater unity than that of being diverse in views but at the same time mindful of the greater unity under the Zimbabwean flag. 

We wish you a Prosperous 2023.

Article Source: The Chronicle

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