‘Give police enough resources’ 

Source: ‘Give police enough resources’ – NewsDay Zimbabwe

CHIEF Mbiko Masuku of Gwanda in Matabeleland South province has urged the government to allocate adequate resources to the police to enable them to fight crime in the area.

The chief decried the few police officers in Gwanda saying robbers were taking advantage of the absence of a strong police presence in the area.

“Crime statistics in Gwanda are shocking because some people are now behaving like animals. Where do you get the courage to kill another human being with an axe or a machete? The government should address this by employing a lot of police so that they increase their visibility and give them enough resources,” he said.

Chief Masuku said the economic situation in the country was one of the drivers of lawlessness.

“Poverty is also affecting villages, but this does not mean that it must then drive people to lose respect for others. Gold mining has attracted people to Gwanda, which is now experiencing an influx of people coming from other regions to cause havoc in Gwanda.”

The traditional leader also accused the youth of lacking respect for values and principles of Ubuntu. “We are now competing with the new generation. The spirit of Ubuntu is all about respecting other people’s lives and their property. In the past we used to sleep with doors at our houses open overnight, but it is no longer the case nowadays,” he said.

Recently, four armed robbers were gunned down by police in Gwanda town after they hijacked a woman and took off with her car.

Another resident, an elderly Gwanda woman was killed about two months ago by robbers.

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