Katsimberis wants to explain how his rights were infringed

Source: Katsimberis wants to explain how his rights were infringed | Herald (Crime)

Prosper Dembedza Herald Correspondent

Builder George Katsimberis on trial for allegedly defrauding a property company of close to US$1 million in a joint venture for cluster houses in Harare’s upmarket Borrowdale on Tuesday paused because Katsimberis wanted to explain why he believed two constitutional rights had been infringed, but could not do so this week as he had lost his voice.

His lawyer Advocate Lewis Uriri on Tuesday said Katsimberis that two Constitutional rights had been infringed, in particular Sections 56(1), which deals with equality before the law, and Section 69(1), which deals with the right to a fair and public trial within reasonable time before an independent court.

Advocate Uriri then applied to have Katsimberis orally testify explaining to the court how his these rights had been infringed.

Katsimberis then told the court that he had lost his voice due to a cough and could not proceed.

The matter was then remanded to Friday next week for continuation of his application for referral to the Constitutional Court.

The High Court Registrar this week issued Katsimberis with summons for civil imprisonment which ordered him to pay costs of US$10 535 to Pokugara Eco-friendly company and businessman Kenneth Sharpe.

These are the taxed costs and charges arising from a judgment against him in the High Court on November 30, 2020.

The Registrar made it clear that if he fails to pay he must appear before the High Court this October to explain why he had not paid it.

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