Thumbs up to UBH for cancelling dubious tenders

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WE commend the United Bulawayo Hospitals (UBH) for cancelling 21 out of 34 tenders flighted this year to prevent the Government from being fleeced after it was discovered that some suppliers had inflated prices while others did not meet procurement standards.

The Second Republic has declared zero tolerance for corruption that includes murky deals and we are happy that the health facility is walking in step with the Government. 

Ministry of Health and Child Care

The Government took a firm position not to pay for goods and services that have inflated prices or priced using the parallel market rates.

We reported yesterday that some of the cancelled tenders include those for supplying electrical items, stationery, furniture, delivery of meat and beef products, and delivery of fruits, vegetables and groceries.

Others were on the supply of linen and bedding, delivery of X-ray material, delivery of surgical sundries, delivery of theatre equipment, delivery of bandages, gloves, tablets and injectables.

UBH also cancelled a tender for the refurbishment of mortuary and kitchen cold rooms, among others.

Acting UBH chief executive officer Dr Harrison Rambanepasi said:

“We have three scenarios why some of the tenders were cancelled. The first one is that we had to align with the Ministry of Health and Child Care policy that surgical and pharmaceutical items have to be procured only from the zas opposed to private suppliers. That is why we cancelled things like the procurement of gloves, tablets and injectables.

“Secondly, other tenders were also cancelled after suppliers did not meet the Procurement Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe standards and thirdly, we cancelled some of the tenders that met the standards but had inflated their prices. We cancelled those tenders to ensure the hospital and Government get value for money.”

Dr Rambanepasi said while the hospital has given several contractors tenders, upon evaluating prices it discovered that the prices were too high and had to be cancelled.

“This will send a message to suppliers that if they want to do business with Government, they have to provide competitive prices. Genuine suppliers will continue to do business with Government and get value for money especially now that the rates have stabilised. Some of the tenders were priced at three times the market value so we really did not have a choice,” he said.

The Second Republic is revitalising all sectors of the economy including healthcare and the job will be easier in hospitals, in their procurement, shun individuals that seek to fleece the Government through inflated prices.

Article Source: The Chronicle

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