Why ShaSha should do the honourable thing and apologise

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The annual Vic Falls Carnival may have come and gone but, one thing is not forgotten, that artistes DJ Maphorisa, Kabza De Small and Zimbabwean ShaSha let down fans.

To add salt to the injury, the artistes have remained mum. Organisers have apologised and communicated that they honoured their end of the deal.

The artistes on their part, it seems, have preferred to act as nothing happened. It has now become the norm where local promoters book artistes from outside the country and some just opt not to honour their side of the deal.

However, locals have been disappointed by ShaSha whom they feel owes them an explanation.

“ShaSha should do the honourable thing and apologise to fans for failing to perform at the carnival. Her keeping quiet shows that she has become arrogant and doesn’t care about her fans no more,” said one fan who preferred anonymity.

“She must not forget that the Bet award she won was because of people from Zimbabwe who rallied behind her. No doubt, the numbers came from Zim it’s important for her not to forget that.

“We hope that she’ll at least communicate with fans explaining what happened. People in Zimbabwe helped her get to where she is and she mustn’t forget that.”

It is still unclear who was at fault although a statement by organisers is clear that they were not in the red, but the artistes.

Efforts to get hold of Thuli Keupilwe who manages the three artistes have proved fruitless as her mobile phone has been unreachable.

A local promoter who also spoke on condition of anonymity said they were puzzled saying Keupilwe is a professional person who rarely lets down promoters.

“She usually ensures that artistes don’t miss bookings and this is a first.”

Article Source: The Chronicle

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