Busy festive season for rhumba artistes

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Mkhululi Ncube, Showbiz Reporter

THIS sounds true to many rhumba artistes who instead of resting at home with their families during this period, will have a busy festive season making money.

Rhumba music is, without doubt, the music genre of choice in many rural areas and the artistes will be moving from one place to another entertaining revellers. With most of them based in South Africa, this is a time to entertain their fans back home live.

Chronicle Showbiz spoke to some rhumba artistes to get their festive season lineup.

“We wish to spend time with our families during this time, but the nature of our job is such that this is a perfect opportunity to make money. I have a very busy festive season schedule as I’m almost fully booked from December 24 to 2 January.

In South Africa, we can only have shows on month-ends and this is the only period where we can play for more than a week nonstop,” said Mxolisi “Mr Bones” Ndlovu.

He said music shows back home are better off compared to the ones that they host in South Africa as the ones held home have a better attendance.

“Our venues in South Africa are mostly bars and there’s so much unruly behaviour which discourages a lot of people from attending our shows. But back home, people are free to attend shows because of the venues that are mostly family-friendly,” he said.

Dubia Masters front-man TK Dube said they will be crisscrossing Matabeleland entertaining their fans this festive season.

“We’ve live shows lined up in Tsholotsho, Solusi and a number in Plumtree. Covid-19 held us back for a long time and we’ll use this opportunity to make up for lost time. It’s also a time to meet and make new fans as we’ve not played back home for a long period,” said TK Dube.

Said dancer-cum-vocalist Mandlenkosi “Godolude” Mpofu: “As artistes, we now make money via live shows as we don’t get enough returns from CD sales due to piracy. We only record music so that we market ourselves then we get people to hire us for live shows for various functions like weddings, birthday parties and family gatherings.

Most of the functions are held in December so that’s why we get busy then. Truly speaking, during the year, we almost do nothing musically to make money.”

He said so far, he has three shows lined up in Gwayi and Kezi.

Another rhumba guru, Modius Chauke said all his festive season shows are private functions that include performances at shop openings and a wedding in the Mzola area. He said December is now their cash cow month adding that they try by all means to make money during this season to cushion them during the year.

Ndux Junior said all his shows during the holiday will be held during the day so that he complies with curfew measures announced to curb the spread of Covid-19.

“My live shows start from December 22 till New Year as I’ll be playing in a number of areas. I urge our fans to be responsible on the roads and follow Covid-19 guidelines announced by the government,” Ndux Junior said.

Fiselani “SamaNgwe” Ngwenya of Mlambos Express Band and Clement Magwaza who all have new albums said they will also be busy during the festive season.

Martin “The Big boss” Sibanda is one of the few who will be “grounded” during the festive season as he shockingly said he put all live shows on hold. He said the Covid-19 quarantine requirement derailed his plans adding that if he does manage to come home, he will use that period to recharge his batteries at his Ndolwane homestead.

But no one can blame him for his decision as he is one of the artists who were active musically in 2021.

Article Source: The Chronicle

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