CCC sends secretary general Hwende to Independence celebrations

BULAWAYO – The Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) sent its secretary general Charlton Hwende to Independence Day commemorations in Bulawayo on Easter Monday after accepting a government invitation.

Hwende sat in a VIP bay together with the leaders of smaller opposition parties.

The CCC, whose leaders previously boycotted state events after questioning President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s legitimacy, said it is “going to be represented at all key national events.”

“Whereas there are political differences, there is no debate about our honour, respect and acknowledgement of all national institutions, organs, events and programmes,” party spokesperson Fadzayi Mahere said.

Mahere maintained that despite attaining independence in 1980, Zimbabweans “are yet to be fully free and fully independent.”

“This entails the holding of free and fair elections and the upholding of fundamental rights and freedoms of the citizens,” she added.

The CCC urged the ruling Zanu PF not to “taint” national events and institutions “with partisan conduct.”

Mnangagwa acknowledged the presence of political leaders from various parties during his speech. His government extended invitations to all parties and former ministers, among others.

“As a diverse but one nation that is united under one flag, we reaffirm and reinforce our unity, love and harmony for one another and for our great country,” Mnangagwa said.

“We refuse to be divided. The cords that bind us are much stronger than any differences which we may ever encounter.”

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