COMMENT: Let’s ALL play our part to have an accident-free holiday

The Chronicle

Many Zimbabweans are today and tomorrow travelling to various destinations across the country to join their families and relatives for the Christmas festivities.

It is the time of the year when workers including those working in neighbouring countries like South Africa and Botswana join their families and relatives as they enjoy the annual break.

Most local companies closed last Friday to allow workers time to travel to their different destinations for the holidays.

Zimbabwe has over the years witnessed an increase in road traffic accidents during such public holidays and police have already announced that they will mount roadblocks on all major highways in a bid to tame the traffic jungle.

Police Commissioner General Godwin Matanga said the Zimbabwe Republic Police’s Press, Public and International Relations department will during the holidays conduct traffic and crime awareness campaigns to conscientise the public on the need to take preventative measures.

Eighteen people were killed while 73 others were injured in 147 road traffic accidents on Christmas and Boxing Day holidays last year.

According to research findings, more than 80 percent of the road traffic accidents are as a result of human error which means they can be avoided. Most accidents are caused by recklessness, drunken driving and fatigue.

Motorists should therefore desist from drinking and driving to avoid accidents. Those travelling should not allow drivers to put their lives at risk by driving while under the influence of alcohol. Passengers should not hesitate to report a defiant driver at the next roadblock or police station.

A motorist should plan his or her journey well so that there is adequate time to travel in order to avoid speeding. People using public transport should not board overloaded buses and bus operators should avoid overworking drivers as some of the accidents witnessed during public holidays are as a result of fatigue.

Police on their part should ensure only roadworthy vehicles are on the roads and those that decide to drink and drive should be locked up until they are sober to continue with their journey.

There is an urgent need for all road users to exercise extreme caution to avoid accidents especially now that it is raining and most roads are slippery.

It is a fact that there is a lot of excitement among motorists and their passengers as they travel to their different destinations hence the increase in accidents.

We want to once again appeal to motorists entrusted with their passengers’ lives to strive to reach their respective destinations safely and thereafter celebrate.

Article Source: The Chronicle

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