Six army recruits died during eight-month training: commander

BULAWAYO – Six army recruits died during an eight-month training regime which started in July last year and ended on Tuesday, the army commander revealed.

Lieutenant General David Sigauke was speaking during a pass-out parade by 2,442 soldiers at the Imbizo Training Depot in Bulawayo.

“The training commenced on July 1, 2021, with a total of 2,501 recruits comprising of 2,242 males and 259 females drawn from all our provinces,” the army chief said.

“Today a total of 2,442 comprising 2,190 males and 252 females are graduating. On a sad note, we lost six recruits who passed on during the time of our training and we say may their souls rest in eternal peace.

“A total of 59 recruits failed to make the grade due to various reasons and today they are not in this parade.”

Sigauke said the training “transformed and natured the graduates from a civilian life into distinct and illustrious servicemen and women who should from today onwards commit their life to serve their motherland Zimbabwe.”

He said the army was being called upon to defend the country’s territorial integrity, as he warned of threats posed by the Islamic insurgency in Mozambique to regional peace and stability.

He added: “In pursuit of defending our country, you should always remember that as a professional force there is zero tolerance to indiscipline and unprofessional conduct.”

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